On our website you can find a number of articles that were published in a variety of firefighting magazines. Most of the articles were originally written in Dutch. The Dutch version of the articles are indicated with name_NL. Several articles have been translated into English. Those are marked name_ENG. 


De brandweerman (The firefighter)


"De brandweerman" is a Flemish magazine that appears 5 times per year. It is distributed to most Dutch speaking firefighters in Belgium. Karel Lambert writes an article about (interior) firefighting for every issue of the magazine.

  turkse vlag spaanse vlag Italiaanse vlag Duitse vlag chinese vlag portugese vlag
1. Evolution in the knowledge about interior firefighting  NL FR EN TR  ES  IT  DE  CH   
2. A fire suffering from a lack of air NL FR EN TR  ES  IT  DE  CH   
3. Wind Driven Fires  NL FR EN TR ES    DE  CH  PT
4. Backdraft NL FR EN TR  ES    DE  CH   
5. Responding to a Chimney fire – Case Study NL FR EN TR ES    DE  CH   
6. The most familiar form of Rapid Fire Progress: Flashover NL FR EN TR ES    DE     
7. New insights into ventilation NL FR EN TR  ES    DE     
8. Posts inside a network: new tactics ? NL
FR EN TR ES    DE     
9. Fire Gas Ignition  NL FR EN TR  ES    DE  CH   
10. Insights concerning the door entry procedure NL FR EN TR  ES    DE     
11. Firefighting: Command & tactics NL FR EN TR  ES    DE CH   
12. Configuring power blowers NL FR EN TR  ES         
13. Introducing positive pressure ventilation NL FR EN TR  ES    DE     
14. Gascooling: a new approach NL FR EN TR  ES    DE     
15. Why does water extinguish fire? NL FR EN TR  ES    DE  CH   
16. Rapid Fire Progress: a summary NL FR EN TR  ES    DE     
17. Solutions for Rapid Fire Progress NL FR EN TR  ES    DE     
18. "The building is your enemy" NL FR EN   ES    DE     
19. Live fire training: benefits and risks NL FR EN   ES  IT  DE     
20. What is air track NL FR EN   ES  IT  DE     
21. Transitional Attack NL FR EN   ES  IT  DE    PT
22. Vent openings and fire NL FR EN   ES  IT DE     
23. 3T Firefighting NL FR EN   ES  IT DE     
24. Hose handling NL FR EN   ES
IT DE    
25. Hygiene at fires NL FR EN   ES  IT DE    
26. Turning robots into thinking firemen NL FR EN   ES  IT DE    
27. The smoke stopper NL FR EN   ES  IT DE    
28. Taking a closer look at under ventilated fires NL FR EN   ES  IT DE    
29. What to do in a case of a fire NL FR EN   ES  IT DE CH   
30. Construction fires: insulation fire in Evere NL FR EN   ES  IT DE   PT 
31. Direct attack NL FR  EN    ES  IT DE  CH  
32. Ukkel NL FR EN TR  ES  IT DE CH PT
33. The art of reading fire NL FR EN TR ES IT  DE  CH PT
34. Flammability limits NL FR EN TR ES IT DE CH PT
35. Thoughts on high pressure lines NL FR EN TR ES IT DE CH PT
36. Lightweight Construction NL FR EN TR  ES  IT  DE  CH PT 
37. Making choices NL FR EN TR ES IT DE CH PT 
38. Then non-negotiables NL FR EN TR ES IT DE CH PT 
39. Slings NL FR EN TR ES IT DE   PT 
40. Situational Awareness NL FR EN TR ES IT DE   PT 
41. The standpipe NL FR EN TR ES IT DE   PT
42. The fire service deserves better NL FR EN TR ES IT DE CH PT


 A number of articles was also translated into other languages:

korea Article_32_KO    Article_33_KO



Firefighters which want to translate articles into their mother tongue, can always contact Karel Lambert.


Besides the series about interior firefighting, we collaborated with others for the following articles:


"Nieuwe manieren van bouwen hebben invloed op het brandverloop" by Joris van Besien, Frank Maertens, Karel Lambert & Jean-Claude Vantorre


"Drie brandweerscholen zetten samen de volgende stap in het CFBT-verhaal" by Karel Lambert:




"Connecting RIT and ICS" was written by Pieter Maes. He was coached by Karel Lambert.

   article_RIT ICS_NL.pdf      article_RIT ICS_ENG.pdf


The IFIW 2015 congress was organized in Belgium at PIVO. An article appeared in De BrandweerM/V: Article IFIW


Together with Steve De Blauwe, Karel Lambert wrote an article about hose management (in Dutch).



Fireforum magazine


This magazine is published for firefighters, architects, fire engineers, insurances, ...

Two articles were published in this magazine:     

An article about research into PPV in staircases:                 article_thesis.pdf          article_thesis_FR.pdf

An essay that appeared in "GRIP 4" and ."Brand & Brandweer", two magazines from the Netherlands was published in Fireforum magazine as well:                  essay_NL.pdf                essay_FR.pdf


Brand & Brandweer (Fire & Fire Service)


Several articles were published in the dutch magazine Brand & Brandweer. They were published in other magazines as well:

- An essay about interior firefighting: essay_NL.pdf

- An article about the IFIW congress in 2015 in Belgium: Article IFIW





GRIP 4 is a Dutch magazine for managers in the fire service, crisismanagement and disaster relief. Karel Lambert wrote an essay about interior attack.

You can download it here: article_grip_4.pdf


The article was published as well in the Dutch magazine "Brand & Brandweer".




Fire Engineering Magazine


Fire Engineering Magazine is a very important journal for firefighters in the United States. In the edition of July 2013 appeared the article "configuring power blowers" by Karel Lambert. It is a translation of the 12th article in the series interior firefighting. You can find it here. It is possible that you have to register first on the website of Fire Engineering Magazine before acces tot the article is granted.




Przeglad Pozarniczy (Firefighting Review)


Firefighting Review is a Polish magazine that exists for over 100 yearst. Articles for and by firefighters spread knowledge throughout the Polish fire service. In 2014, IFIW took place in Poland. John McDonough and Karel Lambert wrote a paper about effective training. The theme was nozzle techniques. The title is "Training with intent". De text is available in English, French, Polish, Dutch and Spanish. Have fun reading!


Training with intent_ENG.pdf              Training with intent_FR.pdf              Training with intent_POL.pdf

Training with intent_NL.pdf                Training with intent_ESP.pdf            Training with intent_TR