CFBT is the abbreviation of Compartment Fire Behaviour Training, in short training for (interior) firefighting. It collects all kinds of training that treat (interior) firefighting. CFBT is also an international way of teaching. Colleagues from different countries keep in touch to share knowledge.


CFBT-BE wants to contribute to the spread of the knowledge about (interior) firefighting within the fire service. We aim for better training programs for the fire service. Training programs in which CFBT takes an important place. Thorough knowledge of the phenomenon fire is necessary for good firefighting. Therefore firefighters need to be trained in theory as in practice. The goal of CFBT-BE is to obtain a higher level of training progams in the fire service as well as higher quality exercises to improve and maintain skills. 


We take part in the meetings of IFIW (International Fire Instructor Workshop). During these meetings firefightes and scientists exchange ideas in order to evolve towards a better fire service. 


The goal of this website is to share knowledge. Firefighters who want to learn more about (interior) firefighting can find plenty of documents here. In the menu on the left subjects like "fire behaviour" and "ventilation" can be found. On these pages, we colledct information that can be freely copied. A number of books and papers can't be spread free of charge. In these cases we mention the name of the author and the title of the work so the interested reader can order it. The information on these pages is far from complete. It is our intention to add content little by little. A visit now and then will be necessary to keep track of newly available information. The track of all the updates to this site will be kept on the page "What is new?" 



We refer to different colleagues and their work. Lastly we also contributed to publications. Most of them can be downloaded for free. A limited number needs to be ordered.